A unique website…
with a powerful mission…
Create a Healthy Community


The mission of TheDCPLACE is to integrate and promote e-marketing of local business, the arts, volunteerism and sustainability, in order to support and create a healthy, vibrant community.

At its core, The DCPLACE.com was created with a very clear social values-based VISION:
Renew, Rebuild and Support the Local Community.

Portions of the production fees on webspots that promote local area businesses, help provide the means to produce spots that are about volunteerism, providing a service to volunteer organizations that do not have the budgets on their own to produce this type of marketing.

By visiting and spreading the word about TheDCPLACE and its featured webspots, and other content, including the calendar of events, blog conversations, and reviews, you are helping to strengthen the site’s ongoing MISSION:

Tosupport and strengthen the Community by promoting local businesses, the arts, Go Green initiatives and most importantly, help people find places to volunteer across the region.

Along with short video webspots about local business and culture, the site will also present webspots that will walk you through the doors and into a welcoming place to volunteer; or show you ways in which you can become a better steward of your own body, home, neighborhood and community environment. The site will also show some of the best ways that you can make healthy and sustainable living practices and renewable energy use a larger part of your life.